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Will you be my Friend? Getting Past the Awkwardness of Introductions

Regardless of the industry you’re involved in, networking is an essential activity that contributes directly to your success. Unless you’re a hardcore extrovert, networking and developing relationships with new people can be a bit daunting and/or anxiety evoking. Creating relationships with new people isn’t as easy as it was when we were young, when we […]

How to be the Mind Behind “The Next Big Thing”

The overwhelming response I receive when I encourage hopeful entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and create a start-up is “great- but how do I come up with an idea?” Starting a new venture isn’t as easy as simply deciding to begin; there needs to be a fabulous idea on which a business can be successfully […]

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Spotlight- Grace Torgoley and Torgoley Distribution

This month, in honor of summertime and BBQ season, we have a spotlight on distribution entrepreneur / “domestic goddess”, Grace Torgoley, and her business, Torgoley Distribution. With endless energy and an easy going, loving attitude, Grace brings a family feel from her company to your  dinner table.  1. What inspired you to get started with your venture? […]

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Leadership Signpost Showing Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement

7 Qualities Every Leader Should Have 2

Being in a leadership position for a company of any size comes with great responsibility. The title of “manager” is not just about the amount of work you’re responsible for, but it’s also about leading and managing a team and being responsible for their ultimate success. I’ve had experiences with management who were great at what they […]

6 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

For many people, trying to decide if an entrepreneurial venture is worth pursuing is like standing at the edge of a high dive- they question if they should dive right in, or climb back down. The harsh reality is that many failed business ventures began and ended as an idea that needed a little more thought, […]

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